• Tualatrix Chou

    Tualatrix Chou

    独立开发者,热衷开发小而美的 App,当前作品:奇点,iOS 上一个简洁高效的第三方微博客户端;Manico,为 OS X 设计的快速 App 启动及切换工具。

  • Jamie McConnell

    Jamie McConnell

    This is where I write about stuff.

  • Krish | ChargeBee

    Krish | ChargeBee

    Entrepreneur; another sleep deprived idiot; cofounder of Chargebee Subscription Billing and Invoicing.

  • Jason Rotella

    Jason Rotella

    Software Platform and Solutions Development: @GE_Digital | Co-founder: @gdgCapRegion (Google Developer Group)

  • Lisa Verheul

    Lisa Verheul

    Content Designer for PARROT9

  • Diana Bergey

    Diana Bergey

    web developer, reader, musician, tall person. married to @octolilly, begat @bouncydrew and @wigglyamelia.

  • Harris Paganos

    Harris Paganos

  • macbikegeek


    acoustic music lover, house concert host, computer geek, bicyclist, Mac user. All opinions are my own and not those of my employer, SAS Institute, Inc.

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