Behind the scenes of 1Password for Linux

An early sketch of the header used in the official 1Password for Linux launch post. A red carpet is laid out across the keyboard of a laptop with stairs leading up into our new app running on Linux.

A hybrid app powered by Rust 🦀

An overview of our hybrid application architecture used within 1Password for Linux

A quick trip down memory lane

How we came to fall in love with Rust 🥰

From baby steps to a full Linux app

The beauty of the 1Password core 😍

“By creed, it is in your care. This is the way” — The Mandalorian Armorer

A more detailed diagram of 1Password Core and how some of the Rust crates fit together

1Password for Linux by the numbers

  • Number of repos: 1. Monorepo ftw! 🤘🏽 Well, not everyone celebrates this point but I personally love it. 🙂
  • File stats: 7,528 files, 1,038,929 lines total, 813,514 lines of code, 161,095 comments
  • Start date: ~18 months ago for Linux; Rust experiments started earlier
  • Date of first commit that mentions Linux: Dec 17, 2019
  • Total commits since Dec 17: 40,575
  • Merge requests: 7,365
  • Issues created: 7,529 (assume each and every one was fixed and closed 😉)
  • CI/CD: 183,905 pipelines, 1,741,045 jobs (65% success ratio)
  • How many Node package managers does it take to create an app? 3.5! During development we switched from npm to yarn to yarn 2 and then to pnpm. 😂
  • Usability testing: 39 1-on-1 sessions with both new and long-time users
  • User surveys: 3
  • Releases: 12 development previews w/ 109 changes, 27 betas w/ 460 changes, 83 attempted nightly builds with about 50 successfully published
  • On the design side we experimented a lot as well, going from Sketch to Zeplin to Abstract and then Figma
  • Design highlights: 2,802 components in Figma, 7 designers supporting a team of 60+ developers, engineers and project managers
  • Team members: this is harder to count than you might expect as we have many teams outside of development. Our #core Slack channel has 143 people and has more than doubled since we started. Here’s a screenshot from our Linux launch celebration Zoom call.
The 1Password client apps team. At least those who attended the Zoom call. 🙂
Completed illustration of the red carpet being laid out for Linux users



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Dave Teare

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